Gas Spring Temperature Compensation

Prevents liftgate sagging in cold temperatures

Safety is our priority and at Precision Controls we’re revolutionizing your automotive experience with Gas Spring Temperature Compensation. Designed to overcome the challenges posed by cold weather, our innovative system ensures your liftgate opens completely, preventing any potential safety hazards.

Our Expertise:

  • Temperature-Adaptive Solutions: Precision Controls specializes in crafting Gas Spring Temperature Compensation systems that intelligently adapt to cold weather conditions. Our bimetal disc technology opens a valve inside the gas spring, providing additional force to hold up the liftgate, ensuring complete and safe operation.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Stay ahead with our cutting-edge technology that prevents liftgate sagging in cold temperatures. This feature not only ensures the liftgate opens entirely but also eliminates the risk of potential head injuries due to a slightly sagging liftgate.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing is our commitment. Every Gas Spring Temperature Compensation system from Precision Controls undergoes thorough quality checks, guaranteeing reliability and compliance with the highest safety standards.
Gas Spring Temperature Compensator
When it is cold outside, inside the gas spring that holds up the liftgate, our bimetal disc opens a valve […]...
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Gas Spring Temperature Compensator