Agricultural Vehicle Actuator

Prevent damage and extend the lifespan of essential agricultural equipment

Efficiency and protection are paramount in agricultural operations, and Precision Controls leads the way with innovative Agricultural Vehicle Actuator technology. Our advanced solutions play a crucial role in safeguarding electric motors on agricultural vehicles, preventing potential damage from unforeseen obstacles or operational challenges.

Our Expertise:

  • Intelligent Circuit Breaker Solutions: Precision Controls specializes in designing intelligent circuit breakers tailored for agricultural vehicles like combines. Rapidly detecting and responding to electric current surges, our Agricultural Vehicle Actuators preserve the longevity and functionality of electric motors involved in critical tasks like seeding, fertilizing, and harvesting.
  • Motor Protection: Functioning as vigilant guardians, our Agricultural Vehicle Actuators ensure electric motors remain unharmed when arms encounter obstacles or operational issues. By promptly opening the circuit in response to surges, we prevent potential damage and extend the lifespan of essential agricultural equipment.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: Contributing to operational efficiency, Precision Controls’ Agricultural Vehicle Actuators quickly mitigate risks. The rapid response to current surges prevents prolonged damage, allowing agricultural vehicles to resume optimal performance with minimal downtime.

How It Works:

  • In the event of an obstruction or operational issue causing an electric motor surge, our intelligent Agricultural Vehicle Actuator detects the abnormal current flow within seconds.
  • Swiftly responding, the Agricultural Vehicle Actuator opens the circuit, preventing further damage to the electric motor.
  • This rapid intervention ensures the agricultural vehicle’s functionality is preserved, avoiding potential costly repairs and downtime.
Agricultural Vehicle Actuator
On agricultural vehicles (e.g. combine) there are many actuators to move arms into position for seeding, fertilizing, ha...
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Agricultural Vehicle Actuator