Automotive Bimetal Discs

Snap-Action, Automatic-Reset Thermal Discs for Automotive Use

A bimetal disc opens/closes a port at a specified temperature. It is both a sensor and actuator, saving cost and space.

Precision Controls proudly presents our cutting-edge bimetal discs designed exclusively for automotive applications. With a commitment to precision, durability, and technological advancement, our automotive bimetal discs play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and reliability of automotive thermal control systems.

1. Specialized Automotive Bimetal Discs

Precision Controls specializes in manufacturing automotive bimetal discs tailored to meet the stringent requirements of automotive applications. These discs serve as essential components in thermal control systems, providing accurate temperature sensing and regulation for a wide range of automotive systems.

2. High-Temperature Performance

Automotive environments expose components to elevated temperatures. Our automotive bimetal discs are engineered for high-temperature performance, ensuring optimal function in the demanding conditions of the engine compartment and other critical areas of the vehicle.

3. Precision Temperature Sensing

In the automotive industry, precision is paramount. Our bimetal discs offer precise temperature sensing, contributing to the efficient operation of thermal control systems in various automotive applications.

4. Custom Solutions for Automotive Systems

Recognizing the diverse needs of automotive applications, Precision Controls provides customizable automotive bimetal disc solutions. Whether you require specific temperature ranges, sizes, or configurations, our experienced team collaborates with you to deliver tailored solutions for your automotive systems.