Why Choose Precision Controls

Prototypes in 2 Weeks or Less
Our commitment to swift turnaround ensures that your bimetal disc, circuit breaker, and motor protector prototypes are in your hands faster, accelerating your project timelines.
Buy Direct From Manufacturer
Buying direct from Precision Controls allows for direct communication on custom solutions
Custom Manufactured to Your Specifications
Since 1955, we've been crafting bimetal discs, circuit breakers, and motor protector solutions with meticulous attention to detail to customer specifications.
Owner-Managed Customer Service
Direct accountability and personalized solutions set us apart, making your satisfaction our priority in every interaction
US Manufactured Since 1955
Since 1955, Precision Controls has been synonymous with excellence in bimetal discs, circuit breakers, and motor protectors.
Competitive Pricing
At Precision Controls, we redefine value by delivering cutting-edge solutions at prices that elevate your bottom line.
Just-In-Time Delivery
Experience seamless excellence with our Just-in-Time Delivery solutions
All Products Made in America
Our dedication to domestic manufacturing ensures not only top-notch quality bimetal discs, circuit breakers, and motor protectors but also the support of our local communities and businesses.
ISO Certified
As an ISO Certified company, Precision Controls adheres to global quality benchmarks