Circuit Breakers

Snap-Action, Automatic Reset Circuit Breakers

Conforms to SAE J553 performance standards

Standard Part Availability (any combination)

Current Rating


Voltage Rating

Up fo 24V DC
Up to 120V AC
(for lower current applications)

Terminal Types

Quick Connect

Protective Cover

Plastic Cap
Plastic Cap w/ attachment tab

Unique Part Availability

Battery Chargers
Winch Systems
Automotive Wiring Harness
Electric Powered Vehicles

Lead Time

Typically 4 to 6 weeks; all parts manufactured domestically, allowing for shorter lead times for U.S. based manufacturers.


Prices vary by combination of current & voltage rating and terminal types. Also, the following release quantities represent price
breaks: 100 – 250 – 500 – 1000 – 2500 – 5000 – 10000

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